About us

At Tora...

You will taste the difference when you try our unique products. We strive to bring you the most tasteful drinks and desserts available.

What makes us different?

We use boba (chewy, bouncy tapioca filled balls) that create a fun and sweet taste to your hand crafted drink! Boba is used in a variety of our drinks, and we even offer some without. From espresso, tea, or donuts, come find your delight at Tora!

  • - Lydia Gonzalez
    This location is brand-new and now open for business; I for one couldn't be happier! Been looking for boba and they have awesome combinations!
    - Lydia Gonzalez
  • - Joan Avina
    I can't pick a favorite, they are all so delicious! You have to try the Tiger Rush!
    - Joan Avina
  • - Gordon Dale
    My pregnant wife was craving boba and they have curb side pickup! Great service and it was easy to get to as well. The staff was friendly!
    - Gordon Dale